Machinery & Equipment


Rosen Systems, Inc. appraises plant and industrial machinery and equipment including metal working, wood working, plastics processing, chemical processing, foundries, food processing, restaurants, printing, textile, trucks and trailers, automobile dealerships, contractor/construction equipment, office furniture and equipment and more. Our appraisers are certified by the Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers (A.M.E.A.) and perform assignments across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin America and Europe. Our appraisers possess the knowledge to value machinery and equipment for liquidation purposes, lending purposes, tax purposes, acquisition, allocation of purchase price, etc.

Our appraisal process includes an on-site inspection of the facility and results in a detailed listing of the individual assets including make, model, serial number and complete description and value. We also include support equipment such as cabinets, carts, pallet jacks, pallet racks, shelving sections and other support equipment along with office furniture and equipment, computer hardware, company vehicles, etc. The gathering of this on-site information is the easiest portion of the appraisal process. The real work involves research of the major items to determine its current value depending upon the value concept chosen for the assignment. We research internal auction results and we subscribe to other auction data that is published on a national basis. Rosen Systems, Inc. also has relationships with equipment dealers of all kinds and we may seek their input as well in determining final equipment values. Having been in the auction business since 1917, at one time or another, Rosen Systems, Inc. has sold equipment similar to that which we may appraise.

All of our assignments are completed and presented in compliance with the Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice.