Rosen Systems has a number of experienced, certified appraisers on staff. They visit corporate offices, branches, factories and warehouses all over the country, assembling facts, comparing recent sale prices and reviewing industry sales records with one purpose: to give the client the numbers that will assist him in making the most prudent business decision. Those appraisers have all developed specialized understanding of costs and values of machinery and how the worth of equipment can be impacted by new technologies and by economic trends.

In addition to appraising machinery, inventory and the other elements of business, we appraise real estate. We bring to that type of assignment an expertise that cannot be duplicated by locally-based real estate appraisers. Since we work all across the country, we have developed techniques that emphasize local values while at the same time considering trends in adjacent counties and nearby states.

For a comprehensive discussion of real estate appraisals, please visit the Real Estate page.