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Like so many businesses, much of the work done preparing for an auction is behind the scenes. We have learned the importance of research and study of business trends; that kind of work enables us to have a broad knowledge of the intrinsic worth of machinery, equipment, raw materials, and inventories, as well as real estate. Our clients derive great benefits from that constant research. That same emphasis on research enables us to reach an audience of potential buyers.

One of the secrets of success in the auction business is attracting interested buyers who will become serious bidders when the sale gets underway. We concentrate on maintaining a comprehensive data base of potential buyers. From that file, as well as other sources, we develop a mailing list for each auction, obtain color photos of significant pieces of machinery and design and publish a brochure. That brochure is then mailed in a timely fashion to a credible, reliable group of potential buyers, many of whom already know us and associate the Rosen name with well-organized, honest business deals.

How else do we prepare for an auction? We meet with the seller, examine the assets, and give a realistic prediction of what the sale should bring. In one setting or another, the auction is as old as time itself. A Rosen auction is a turnkey operation, from preparing the advertising, brochure and catalog, through the sale, checkout and final report of the sale. We tag all items, arranging them in a certain sequence in order to develop a rhythm designed to build interest and speed the proceedings. The Rosen people have years of experience in cataloging and preparing the auction site for the sale and the arrival of the bidders. At sale time, it is an exciting, mercurial environment, and there are certain companies - like Rosen Systems - which inspire confidence in both sellers and bidders.

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